“Be Chao” – Fried veal, the specialty of Moc Chau


Be Chao or Fried veal is one of the top must-eat dishes in Moc Chau in particular and in Northern Vietnam in general.

A plate of fuming fried veal attracts the diners, not only because of its delicious yellow color, fragrance but also because it is such a perfect dish on rainy days.

The season of white mustard flowers bloom in the Moc Chau highland is also the time that tourists come here remembering the fuming dishes of the forest. The last days ending of the autumn, in the early winter, nothing is special than crossing the road and experience the famously fried veal.

Go along 6 Highway, from Mai Chau to Moc Chau and also in the town, you will find a lot of restaurants selling fried veal along the road. However, not all restaurants are delicious. You can eat at some restaurants in Chieng Du sub-district, Moc Chau Township, located on the 6 highway such as 64 Moc Chau, Xuan Bac 181, 70 Moc Chau, etc.

The best fried veal ingredient is a week old young male calves. The best male is the one never having eaten grass as calves that are only breastfed will have a sweet and fragrant flavor that the older ones cannot get. Among the calves dish often seen such as stir-fried veal, lemongrass steamed veal, rare veal with lemon, fried veal is probably the dish easy to cook but the taste is on the specialties level.

The chef chooses the best calves, delicately cut the veal into pieces. One of the secret to removing the smell of the calves is to bring to boil through the boiling water then marinate the meat with spice including lemongrass, ginger, cashew oil, satay, etc. for 5 to 10 minutes. Finally, the veal will be cooked in a full of oil pan.

The cooking veal stage is important. The chef is required to align the heat of the oil and the time right to get the perfect fried veal dish. The rule is that only drop the veal when the oil is boiling and hot. Dip it quickly and then pick it out immediately because if cooking too long, the meat will be tough and lose the sweetness of the meat. Meanwhile, if the oil is not too hot, the meat cannot be cooked. The veal cut into small easy to eat pieces, seasoned with prepared ginger, chives, lemongrass, the heated stove and the hot boiling oil is always the best combination to make such a harmony dish. The sound of the spoon stirring, the pungent spicy ginger, the fragrant flavor of meat, spread that you can not handle but to eat it.

As soon as the fried veal is picked up from the kitchen, the fat is still boiling on the surface pieces of meat. People take out the food on the plate, sprinkle a little roasted sesame and lime leaves to decorate and make the dish more attractive. Sipping a piece of sweet meat, a piece of vegetables with soy sauce, you can taste the little tough of the veal. Like Thang Co, another specialty of this land, people always drinking wine when eating. The dinner should try cider wine while enjoying fried veal to make up the bold flavor of mountainous specialty. It will be the impressive experience that the visitors will not forget. Yellow tasty meat is crispy but soft and sweet hard to describe. The outside of the piece of meat puffing up, when taking a slight bite, we can feel the crisp taste, but when chewing carefully we also feel a little chewy of this dish. Occasionally enjoying a slice of ginger, lemongrass in the plate, it’s amazingly not too spicy but strangely tasty.

The price for a dish of be chao is about 70,000 VND to 100,000 VND. A large plate of fried veal can cost from 150,000 VND to 200,000 VND. Be Chao is maybe not the hard to process dish but it’s one of the most delicious must-eat dishes in Southern Vietnam.

Moreover, coming to Moc Chau in the cold season, you also enjoy other special dishes such as spring fish, tam bop vegetables, bamboo, Nam pia, thang co, etc.


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