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The United States of America (U.S or USA) is a country of 50 states. The country is located totally on the western hemisphere. USA is the third largest country behind Russia and Canada. With a large terrain, the United State of America has a diversified climate.

USA is considered as a promising land and is an ideal tourist destination. With the large area from the East to the West, USA is recognized as a little world with numerous world’s wonders, historical cities and entertaining areas.  USA is also famous for its multi-ethnic and multi-racial features, unique festivals and creative architectures which make visitors astonished.  The business and eventfulness of Latin dance or unique food will bring visitors wonderful experiences.

Traveling to US, visitors will explore the new lands which are both mysterious and magnificent. USA travel will offer visitors many wonderful itineraries, a large continent with multicolor culture from the North to South poles, passing the smallest area of USA, Panama with the width of 50km. In USA, you should not miss visiting places below: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington DC, New York, Hawaii, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Honolulu, Chicago, Orlando, Miami, San Diego, Tahoe lake, Boston…

Washington, the land of history

The capital of USA is considered as the converge of quintessence. Visitors will find here the national pride, historical stories as well as see a nonstop political machine. There are many famous sites here including Independence square, The White House, National Gallery, the culture center of Kenedy…

New York

Together with London, Tokyo and Paris, New York is one of the most important cities in the world. Mentioning to New York, we will imagine the statue of liberty, Time square, Wall street, or play are of Broadway, 102-floor Empire State building

Las Vegas

The city is recognized as “the city of light” which is famous for its complexes of hotels, largest casino system in the world and impressive night activities.

Los Angeles

Located in the state of California, Los Angeles is one of the richest cities in the world and is the capital city of entertainment and movie industries.