State of New York (or New York State) is located on the Northeast of United States bordering with other states including Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut to the East, New Jersey and Pennsylvania to the South and two cities of Canada – Quebec and Ontario to the North. This is the 27th biggest state and the 4th most populous in the United States. New York State offers many popular destinations not only in US but also all over the world including, New York city (with Times Square, Central Park, Grand Central Terminal and statue of Liberty…) and very high Niagara Falls…

    The capital of the US, New York state is Albany and most of this state is endowed by the nature with beautiful landscapes, mountains, forests, lakes and rivers. Adirondack is the largest park in U.S (located on the city of Northville) which is known for grandiose mountains with many wonderful activities such as, snow skiing, mountain climbing and rowing…Hudson river spreads out from Hudson valley to the East of New York state and Atlantic. The weather of New York state is generally mild. It is quite cool in the summer.

    Currently, the state of New York has nearly 100 cities including, Albany, Long Beach, Rochester, Little Fall, Buffalo and New York…Among of them, Buffalo, Rochester and New York are the biggest cities in this state.


    New York city

    New York city is the center of New York state which is recognized as the capital of culture and finance of the world. This is the center of affairs of the world as well. Located on a natural harbor in the coastal region of the Atlantic, New York city has five districts including: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten island.

    New York is very famous for public transports and is a “unsleeping city”. There are many residential areas and sites have become famous in the world. The statue of Liberty welcomed million emigrants in the late the 19th and early 20th centuries. Wall street is a financial center of the world. The city also witnesses many highest buildings of the world such as, Empire State and the Twin tower.

    Buffalo city

    Buffalo is the second most populous city in U.S after New York city and before Rochester cities. The city is located in the west of the state of New York on the shores of Lake Erie at the top of the Niagara river.

    Rochester city

    Rochester is a city of Monroe district located on the South of Ontario. This city is listed in the top three most populous cities in U.S. This city is the center of metropolitan area. Until 2010, the Rochester metropolitan area was found as the second-largest regional economy in the state of New York.


    New York may be the most visited city in U.S which is famous for fashion, nightlife and special arts and food. Besides, New York is recognized as the heart of U.S in particular and the world in general. The city offers a wide range of culture which is always new to visitors. It can be said that even we spend a year on exploring the city’s culture, we cannot deeply understand all corners. New York city is also one of the best and most expensive places in the world.

    Hostels: the price of a hostel is from USD 30 to 50 per night and a DBL room may cost over USD 50. There are not many hostels in New York and one of the best one here is Jazz Hostels.

    Budget hotels: although they are budget hotels in New York, but their prices are not quite reasonable, the lowest prices are from USD 100-150 per night.

    Eating: The price of food here is quite various. Visitors many enjoy a meal at a restaurant with an average price of USD 15-25.  Furthermore, sandwich with coffee at this city is often lower than USD 10.

    Transportation: The price of public bus and underground train are about USD 2.5. The price of BRT is round USD 6. Visitors also can buy multi-route tickets which cost USD 30 and valid in seven days. If taking taxis, prices are from USD 15 – 30.

    See: like the greatest cities in the world, New York offers a lot of wonderful attractions which are listed here, statue of Liberty, Brooklyn bridge, Rockefeller Plaza, Metropolitan museum of art, Guggenheim museum, Museum of modern art, Ort Tryon park, Flushing Meadow park…Many of them offer free or discounted entrance tickets on certain days.

    Safety: unlike Rochester, New York is commonly believed to be more dangerous and bag snatching is the most common crime to tourists. Therefore, do not bring valuable items with you or show to others.

    What need to know about Rochester city

    Rochester is a city located in the Northwest of New York State and on the coast of Ontario. Rochester is known as the third biggest city of New York state after New York and Buffalo. The most significances of this city are parks, museums and cultural and historical sites. There are many wonderful places you should not miss when visiting this city including: Genesee mountain, Highland amusement park, Genesee Valley Park, George Eastman House, Artisan Works, Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse. Among of them, Lighthouse 1882 Charlotte-Genesee is the most impressive which is a stone lighthouse with the height of 40 feet.

    One of places which you should not miss when visiting Rochester is Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester. This museum will give visitors a wide range of experiences about different sectors from history, art, games, gifts and even food.

    Accommodation: unlike New York and Buffalo, there are quite few options for your stay in Rochester city limits. For many travelers, they will choose one of numerous suburban hotels which offer better prices and free shuttle service from and to the airport.

    Eating: Rochester offers typically most mid-sized America. The prices of food here are quite reasonable, just a few dollars you will be served with a plate of meat and fries…

    Transportation: similar to Buffalo, Rochester has some basic type of transportation including car, train, taxi, bus and bike. However, you can also travel by boats although most of which are used exclusively for recreational in nature.

    See: Rochester is not a wonderful destination for sightseeing although it has Genesee river and three waterfalls. However, some good places for your visits including Highland park, Genesee Valley Park, Strong National Museum of Play, George Eastman House…

    Safety: similar to many other cities, Rochester is generally safe, but there are some areas witnessing a higher crime than others. The outskirt areas of Rochester in general are safer than that of centers. Just use common sense and situational awareness, you can avoid the crime.

    What need to know about Buffalo city

    If New York is the city of the world, Buffalo has deeply US’s features of New York state. The landscape of Buffalo looks like a modern American museum with Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House complex, Guaranty building, Delaware park, Wilcox villa, Archeology museum of Buffalo, Forest Lawn cemetery or Niagara waterfall…Among of them, Niagara waterfall is one of the most famous landscape in US, located on the border of US and Canada which is just a half of hour driving from Buffalo.

    Eating: Buffalo is a great place for food. All visitors even those who have visited this city can complaint about the array of options. Almost visitors will try some Buffalo wings before leaving this beautiful city.

    Accommodations: unlike Rochester, there are many options for your stay here from the hostels; budget, mid-range to luxury hotels which have been exploded in recent years.

    Transportation: there are not as many options as New York, but Buffalo offers all basic transport from public bus, train, bike to taxis…

    See: thanks to good infrastructure, finance, culture and economy…Buffalo is listed at the top 8 best places for tourism. Do not miss following places when you travel to Buffalo such as, Buffalo city hall (considered as a precious pearl of the city), Delaware park, South park, Buffalo zoo, Buffalo & Erie county historical society museum, Buffalo Religious Arts center and Tifft nature Preserve…

    Safety: amongst of Rochester and New York, Buffalo can be found more crimes, but the crimes do not often target tourists.  Most of crimes here are often originated from drug and gang related.


    Besides many beautiful landscapes and artifact works, United States is also famous for traffic jams which visitors can see everyday. New York, Buffalo and Rochester offer many unique and entertaining places, but if mentioning about transport, this may be a minus point to visitors.

    What will you do if you do not have a car to visit somewhere? In fact, there are some alternatives without using a car. Let check out the information below

    By bus

    First of all, we need to talk about the public bus network which you can find everywhere from the nearby streets to streets in center. You can check their schedules and No which are suitable for your route. Therefore, it is not difficult to use buses in New York, Rochester and Buffalo.

    If comparing the duration for your trip, buses will help you save much time because, they have their own path.

    By train

    Besides very developed bus network, train is also one of the best options for your travel. Traveling by train takes more time than by car, but it is totally more comfortable and gives you a good chance to enjoy landscape and chatting with friends.

    By bike

    If you love sport or nature, using a bike will be the best option for exploring Rochester, New York or Buffalo. Many streets in the cities provide lanes for cycling so you do not have to worry about the safety.

    However, remember to wear helmet, do not use headphone and always go on the right side.

    There is a special of transport which is your feet. Three cities are very modern and civilized so they have pedestrian walkways.